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Best Surgeons has developed a methodology that takes the guesswork out of researching, reviewing, and selecting a surgeon in your area. Curating this professional directory is a robust process.

What defines quality of care?

The answer to this, can vary depending on the individual. However, it can be mutually agreed upon that the quality of care a surgeon provides relies on more than just patient reviews. When surveyed, it becomes clear that other aspects of care, such as communication skills, training, and interpersonal skills are just as valued by patients. Our peer reviewed process is expertly designed to provide valuable information to patients regarding the abilities of surgical professionals in their area. 

Our values heavily influence our methodology, which is firmly rooted in providing accurate and timely information to individuals searching for surgical professionals. Through every step of our process, we seek to fill a void that has presented itself in the past when locating the best surgeons. Instead, our team focuses on quality over quantity to give patients the peace of mind they need.  

Nomination Process

The first step in the listing process for our surgical professionals directory is to be nominated. The nomination process is welcomed on an ongoing basis. However, our team does require time to thoroughly assess these nominations and formulate decisions. Submissions are encouraged through email or my mail and all areas of the form will need to be completed. Once a nomination is received, there are more steps that will need to be taken. The nominated surgeon will have to meet Best Surgeons’ standards and pass the screening to ensure they are qualified. 


The criteria that is evaluated when a nomination is sent in may include qualifications, education, patient reviews, and professional reputation. Other professional skills, such as communication, trust-building, and empathy will also be evaluated depending on the additional information that is provided. This all cumulates as the surgeon’s overall experience practicing in their field. 

How is BestSurgeons.com Different?

Practice Areas

We are currently in the process of expanding our practice areas, including growing to cover surgeons with concentrations in bariatric and orthopedic medicine. 

Are You Missing From Our Directory?

Our directory list is frequently updated, due to standards being met, expanding practices, or new practices.

If you do not see your practice listed in our directory or want to nominate a practice to be included, you will need to reach out to a member of our team.